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Lab Epidemiology of aging and biostatistics

Research summary

Since its inception, the main mission of the group is to plan and implement projects on epidemiology of aging, health services research and clinical trials on age-associated diseases and disorders. In particular, several ongoing studies collect data on the health and socioeconomic status of older individuals and on their access and use of health services. One of the aims of the research conducted in our group is to provide health policy makers with data relevant for the planning and the implementation of preventative and therapeutic interventions. In collaboration with other CNR Institutes, governmental agencies and scientific organizations we develop protocols and instruments for studies of the elderly and we organize training and courses for investigators in the field of aging. 

Gaetano Crepaldi (Associate)
Federica Limongi
Stefania Maggi
Enzo Manzato (Associate)
Marianna Noale
Paola Siviero


Representative publications