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Physiopathology of the synapse

The research of several groups in IN focuses on the study of the molecular mechanisms operating at the synapse, in particular the molecular processes which control synaptic vesicle recycling and the mechanisms which regulate dendritic spine formation and receptor trafficking. Different lines of research are specifically focused on synaptopathies, i.e. those brain diseases relating to the dysfunction of the synapse, such as autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities. The role of environmental stimuli, and in particular inflammation, on synapse formation and function is investigated. The study of the balance of excitatory and inhibitory synapses and its impact in neurological diseases like epilepsy is a further line of research in IN.

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Bice Chini              Matteo Fossati
Elisabetta Menna 
 Maria Passafaro Elena Putignano Laura Restani 
  Chiara Verpelli  
Yuri Bozzi (Associate) Cesare Montecucco  (Associate) Tommaso Pizzorusso (Associate)
Maria Elvina Sala (Associate) Michela Matteoli (Associate)