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Pisu Maria Giuseppina

Cittadella Universitaria di Monserrato
S.S. 554, Km 4,5
09042 Monserrato (CA)
Tel 070-6754134-4172
Fax 070-6754320
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Effect of stress on brain development and vulnerability to psychopathology

Research summary

The main interest of our lab is to characterize, through neurochemical and behavioral techniques, the molecular mechanism involved in the modulation of brain development elicited by different environmental conditions. Thus, the effects of maternal interaction, social isolation, social enrichments as well as the effect of mild stress stimuli is evaluated on those mechanisms modulating GABAergic transmission and HPA function. In addition, we are trying to understand if environmental influences in early life affect the stress phenotype of the next generation.

Research’s Topics

Effect of stress during life on brain neurosteroids concentration and GABAA receptor function

Transgenerational transmission of functional changes induced by chronic stress that alters the basal activity and reactivity of the HPA axis.


Representative publications

Pisu MG, Garau A, Olla P, Biggio F, Utzeri C, Dore R, Serra M,
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Pisu MG, Mostallino MC, Dore R, Maciocco E, Secci PP, Serra M,
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Serra M, Pisu MG, Mostallino MC, E.Sanna and G.Biggio,
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