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Mari Andrea

mari1Research associate
Corso Stati Uniti 4
35127 Padova
Tel 049-8295750
Fax 049-8295763
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I was born in Italy, near Udine, in 1953. I have got my degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Padua in 1981, and my PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Milan in 1987. Since 1984 I hold a CNR research position.

My research activity mainly concerns mathematical modeling in the area of metabolism, with specific focus on the glucose-insulin system and tracer kinetics. In particular, I have worked at the development of model-based methods for the assessment of insulin sensitivity and ?-cell function, in collaboration with several European and American research groups and the pharmaceutical industry. This research, published in numerous original research articles and invited reviews, has contributed to bring mathematical formulations to practical use in research laboratories and in clinical investigation.

My research has been supported by institutional funds of the National Research Council, by European funds and by grants from the pharmaceutical industry. I particular, I am a member of the Project Management Board of the EGIR-RISC European project (formerly funded by FP5), I participate in the FP7 project e-PREDICE, and the IMI projects DDMoRe and DIRECT.