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24/04/2018 School of Neuroscience for PhD students, 1-5 October

Autophagy represent a conserved pathway fundamental in the regulation of intracellular homeostasis. It relies on the delivery of cytoplasmic contents to the lysosome for degradation. Among these cargo materials destined to be degraded there are aggregate-prone proteins causing severe neurodegenerative conditions. For that reason, Autophagy has been recently proposed not only as a key regulator of physiological processes, but also as a fundamental pathway which might be responsible for the pathogenetic mechanisms of several neurological disorders.

The goal of the school is to create a very relaxed yet rich learning atmosphere in which scientific seminars and didactic lectures will be dedicated to selected and highly motivated students. 

The web page of the school is on line, containing all the information for the application.
The registrations are now open. 
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