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24/04/2018 School of Neuroscience for PhD students, 1-5 October

School of Neuroscience for PhD students entitled "Autophagy in healthy and diseased brain" which will take place in Italy, at Lake Como School of Advanced Studies in Como, 1-5th October. 
The topic of the 2018 edition will be Autophagy, and in particular how Autophagy can affect both physiology and pathology in the central nervous system, which represents an important emerging topic in neuroscience.


30/01/2018 New combined approach for the recovery of mobility after stroke - press release

Institute of Neuroscience  together with the Biorobotics Institute at Scuola Superiore
Sant'Anna recently published new results concerning a new integrated approach for the recovery of
motor functions after stroke and the restoration of normal interhemispheric connectivity. 

Immagine 2


22/01/2018 The new challenge of Giacomo Rizzolatti - press release

The coordinator of the Parma section of the Institute of Neuroscience explains the importance of the join up with the Center for Epilepsy Surgery  at the Niguarda Hospital


19/01/2018 The Institute of Neuroscience on CNR WebTv

The history of the Institute of Neuroscience and the introduction to the headquarter in Pisa are shown in the movie realized within the project of school-work alternation with Buonarroti High School in Pisa.


18/01/2018 From treatment to research - event

INVITO 18 GENNAIO l'From treatment to research: a journey to the border of neuroscience. The meeting between Niguarda Hospital in Milan and the Neurosciences in Parma' is the title of the conference hold on january, 18th with Giacomo Rizzolatti and Giorgio Lo Russo