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05/07/2018 In-Cnr and +Watt


The Institute of Neuroscience of the Italian National Research Council and +WATT, a leader in the field of nutritional supplements for athletes, will cooperate in a joint project entitled “Cellular biochemistry to promote fitness: development of new neutraceuticals”, co-financed by the European Social Fund, managed by the Veneto Region within the framework of the Operative Regional Programs of the European Community. The goal is to obtain new products useful to limit the ever-spreading obesity problem on the one hand and to support the physical performance of sportsmen and sportswomen on the other.
Research carried out at the Institute of Neuroscience has already identified natural products showing promise on both aspects. The project now intends to confirm these potentialities in studies in vitro and in vivo, to clarify the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying these effects, to evaluate possible synergies with other natural compounds and to eventually bring to market one or more optimized formulations.
The scientific, commercial and social relevance of the project is underscored by the award, which will support a young researcher working on the project.